About large attachments and mailing lists...

From: Seppo J Niemi (zaphod@bart.lpt.fi)
Date: Wed Aug 13 1997 - 12:44:24 EEST

Dear members of The List,

I must ask you _not_ to send large attachments to the rp-ml. This is
simply because there are 944 subscribers to the list and an email with
a 300kB file attached to it causes almost 300MB to be transferred
outbound from our server. Not only does it jam our network for a
couple of hours, but it also fills people's mailboxes and causes all
kinds of trouble to list members and their Internet Service Providers.

If you absolutely have to send a large file to someone, please send it
directly to his/her mail address and NOT to the list. If you think
more people would be interested in the file, we can make it available
by anonymous ftp or through our WWW-server; just contact me and I'll
tell you what to do.

The recent errors and anomalies in the list were probably caused by
the several large attachments sent during the last 30 hours. They also
made the digest list to choke, because the oversized mails triggered
the digest generation and several digest mails were sent last

Just for the record: our logs show that between Aug 12 02:00 and Aug
13 12:00 local time a total of 7.9 Gigabytes of mail was transferred
from our server; 5.9 GB was generated by the rp-ml and rp-ml-digest.

Thank you for your attention,


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