Re: technology, Microsoft - and HP

Date: Wed Aug 13 1997 - 15:29:49 EEST


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<< Can you tell us what the sales and profits of the HP Printer Division
were? I suppose these numbers would be from their annual report. >>

Found the HP '96 annual report at the library. Apparently "computer
products, services and support" accounted for $31b out of $38b. This tends
to suggest that Stross's "estimate" of $16b, quoted in the '96 book, was
meant to apply to the Printer Division alone [I didn't include it in my post
because I wasn't sure that it didn't apply to HP total revenues].

That's quite a few printers for one company. [So who needs a third

BUT, you quite rightly add: << How times change ! >>

Interesting times ahead?

Norm Kinzie

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