Re: Sand Cores Created with DTM's SandForm(TM) Zr Material

Date: Wed Aug 13 1997 - 18:38:57 EEST

     In response to Trevor Illston's post concerning curing of sand cores
     created with DTM's SandForm(TM) Zr material:
     Dear RPers
     This e-mail is in response to "Hello All Sand Users" an e-mail
     concerning DTM's SandForm Zr material. At DTM we have been
     experimenting extensively on several build style techniques,
     pre-curing and post curing techniques and with new material
     formulations for sand.
     We have found certain techniques work with certain geometries. As this
     would take quite a bit of time to discuss, we would like to invite any
     interested parties to contact us directly.
     For Europe contact:
                       Sandra Seitz at (49) 2103 9570
     For USA and all other contact:
                       Margo Myers at (512) 425-2832
     Margo Myers
     Product Marketing Manager
     DTM Corporation

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