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Date: Wed Aug 13 1997 - 19:03:08 EEST

Our process is targeted at replacing sand cast molds, primarily. We
haven't done much work yet at finer surface finishes in the basic
process. It's more important to get established and profitable in our
primary market. However, we can and do hand-finish molds before they are
mortared up and taken to the foundry so that the end result is as good
as is required. We can also produce parts which are not possible in sand
and difficult or impossible in investment. I challenge any other RP
process to build something like the upper manifold on our case studies
page: <>
        Now that's an easy boast to make, because I happen to know that experts
for both other major processes FAILED at this task.
        As far as mil quality, we have produced some parts successfully which
passed x-ray verification. The only block was that our plant does not
meet the rest of the red tape certs required. We HAVE outsourced jobs
for certified gov contractors that have been eminently acceptable and
pass all the tests. Can we make a turbine blade that is going to be spun
at 60K RPM? No. Do we care? Not yet, although we are working on that
angle with several people.
        Bear in mind that Soligen is only 5 years young, and we are just
beginning our growth process. It is unheard of for major Fortune 100
companies to do critical-path business with a 5 year old company, yet
many of them do on a regular basis, because we give them what they need.
I'm proud of Soligen and the service we provide, because it is uniquely

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