RE: Admonishment

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Wed Aug 13 1997 - 22:39:00 EEST

>Mr Tom Richards wrote
>Feng Wei, Don't EVER again send attached files to me (us) without our
>permission. You just wasted a bunch of my processor time.

Here we go again, 'encouraging' people to be
open and free with their ideas. Would it be possible
to respect someones attempt at helping, even if you
don't agree. Perhaps a note from Mr. Richards
explaining why this wasn't good would have been
more in order - without the 'shouting' overtones.

And by the way Mr Richards, I think your
subscribing to this newsgroup IS
giving your permission. If you don't want to take
 the risk of getting something you don't want -
why don't you unsubscribe !!!!

To Feng Wei - although what you did may have
caused problems for some, and I am sure that you
didn't mean to - I for one appreciate your spirit of
giving and helping.

Todd Stahlhut

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