off topic (email manners)

From: Gill Barequet (
Date: Wed Aug 13 1997 - 23:20:08 EEST

Todd Stahlhut wrote:

> - although what you did may have
> caused problems for some, and I am sure that you
> didn't mean to - ...

Sure he didn't mean to. Everyone happens to do this mistake (or
another one): sending 5MB-msg via email and slowing down the
entire system. I wonder whether the automatic system may not let
in messages that are, say, greater than 5KB. (Such messages,
typically data files, may be put in an ftp or web site.)

> And by the way Mr Richards, I think your
> subscribing to this newsgroup IS
> giving your permission.

This is a very interesting question. And I have another one.
I, for example, have a 5-line Unix script that sends (once) a message
to a list of people. In no time I can modify the script, reducing the
list to only 1 recipient, while enlarging the number of times the message
is sent to, say, 1,000,000. Except that this is of course immoral, is
it illegal? And if yes, how can such law be enforced, especially overseas?

Just thoughts.

Gill Barequet.

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