Re: Feng Wei Banishment

From: Seppo J Niemi (
Date: Thu Aug 14 1997 - 08:54:15 EEST

Steve writes:
> Seppo and List:
> Can we figure out a way to self destruct "THIS" stl file?

Well, I removed all his mails from our outbound mail queue. This means
that this particular stl file will not be seen on the list ever again.

> Mr. Wei, please stop sending this file over the thread.

Mr. Wei sent an apology to the list saying something about problems
with his network that caused the mail to be re-sent several times. I
think he has learned from this experience and will not do this again.

In the future, occurences like this are very unlikely. I have set the
maximum size of messages sent to the list to 100 kB. So larger files do
not come through any more.


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