Re: Admonishment

Date: Thu Aug 14 1997 - 17:43:47 EEST

This is an example of what should NOT be done, no matter how ticked off
people are.

1. Mr. Wei has apologized for making a MISTAKE. Forgive and move on.

2. Surer than anything else is that some percentage of those engaging in a
vindictive mail back campaign will push the wrong button and the problem will
get worse. There are nearly 1000 chances for it to happen.

3. I don't know what a 1/2 meg costs at ISDN baud rates, but whatever it is,
it ain't much by my calculation; maybe 9 cents? So I'm off by a factor of
10?; 90 cents? Doesn't sound worth the bitchin' to me.

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<< Subj: RE: Admonishment
 Date: 97-08-14 06:04:53 EDT
 From: (Kevan Jones)
 To: (rp-ml)
 Perhaps a better admonishment would be for ALL (close to 1000) of the
 recipients of Feng Wei's
 file to send back ALL 10 copies that we ALL recieved, NOT FORGETTING TO
 Yes I was shouting. My connection is through an ISDN dialup. 2 cents /
 minute for all that unecessary download time.
 Although I agree with the spirit of giving and helping, giving and helping
 half a Meg of data to close to 1000 people is a bit much, especially if
 they don't expect, want, or need it.
 The problem is probably one of user understanding of the email client in
 use. Issuing a 'Reply" command initiates different actions in different
 clients. As a matter of 'netiquette' senders of email should ALWAYS check
 the recipient list of a message before issuing the 'send' command. What
 Feng Wei probably did not realise, is that by replying to the message from
 Mr. Maurice, his mail client also replies to ALL recipients of the message.
 This is innocent enough, as long as the other recipients are not mailing
 lists. The fact that the other recipient was the rp-ml has probably wreaked
 havoc on many a system today. I mentioned that I use a dialup ISDN line to
 connect. I pity the uses such as Yakov who use modems (probably a good
 portion of the list members) over long distance lines.
 The moral of the story is one that is as old as the 'net. Just be aware of
 where you are sending large files.

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