New release of Magics RP to make hollow parts and to slice files.

From: Bart Swaelens (
Date: Thu Aug 14 1997 - 18:44:23 EEST

Press Release, august '97 - Leuven, Ann Arbor.

Materialise is glad to announce a significant upgrade of its Magics RP Software. This new release features shelling of STL files to create offsets or to build hollow parts. This technology is ideal for SLS users because it avoids geometrical distortion due to shrinkage as well as for other RP fabrication techniques because it allows less material consumption and faster building. It's clear that due to this technology you get more control over your prototyping and save a lot of money.

Also new is the Slicer Module that can be purchased in addition to the Magics RP product. Magics RP Slice allows you to output SLC, SSL and CLI files. The output format of Magics RP Slice is compatible with EOS, Sanders, Stratasys and 3D Systems and allows you to have a full Windows based RP workstation. This way we offer you a low cost possibility to extend your RP capacity.

The standard input is the STL file format. Additional modules include IGES and VDA input via Brockware. These applications are 100% integrated in Magics RP to a single window application.

This new functionality completes the set of visualisation, manipulation and repair tools while the overall speed is increased for example by making use of a new Pick&Place algorithm and more powerful fixer routines.

Magics RP is available on Windows 95 or Windows NT and costs 3.500 US $.

If you are interested in purchasing or evaluating Magics RP, you can download an evaluation version at our web-sites : (US server) or (EU server)

If your connection is not fast enough, we can send you a CD.
Full details of the program can be found at the web-site.

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