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If "No additional options or equipment are required to produce ABS parts." what
would one do with the software? There must be a computer involved here

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Subject: Stratasys News
Author: Yakov Horenstein <> at CCGATE
Date: 8/4/97 4:29 PM

(STRATASYS-2)(SSYS) Stratasys Announces "ABSolute ABS" RP Program;
  Complete ABS System Available at $99,000
      MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 4, 1997--Stratasys Inc.
  (NASDAQ-NMS: SSYS) announced today the introduction of its
  "ABSolute ABS" rapid prototyping system package for $99,000.
      The complete package, available in the U.S. only, consists of
  the company's FDM(R) 1650 modeler, QuickSlice(R) software,
  training, installation, standard 90-day warranty, and start-up ABS
  material supply. No additional options or equipment are required
  to produce ABS parts.
      For the first time, a complete ABS RP system is being offered
  for under $100,000 -- including training and installation. [........snip]
        CONTACT: Stratasys, Inc.
                  Mary Stanley
                  612/906-2221 (phone)
                  612/937-0070 (fax)
Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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