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From: Michael Tsenter (
Date: Fri Aug 15 1997 - 08:01:17 EEST

Dr. Paul Bernhard wrote:

> I am looking for a tough, impact resistant polyurethane casting resin,
> that can be processed on vacuum casting equipment and withstand
> temperatures of 120 deg (Celsius). It should be demoldable in 1 hour and preferably be colorless or light yellow.

Dear Paul:

The following product is available from CAMATTINI (an associated company
of Shell Italia)

PC133 - heat resistant polyurethane resin packaged in 400ml
two-component cartidges. The cartridges contain pre-measured amounts of
resin & hardener, and they are de-aired and vacuum sealed. This product
is suitable for pneumatic injection.

It has the following characteristics:

Pot life: 35-45 seconds
Demold time: 20-30 minutes
Color: Beige
Hardness: Shore D 83-85
Glass transition: 260 - 270 deg. F (with a 4 hour post-curing)

This product is a part of the Protomix Materials family including:

                PC132 PC2000 PC99 PC90 PC61
Description rigid water clear semi-rigid semi-flexible flexible
Hardness D 83-85 D 78-82 D 62-66 A 88-92 A 57-61
De-mold time 20-40 min 40-60 min 2-3 hrs 2-3 hrs 2-3 hrs
Glass trans. 190-210F 160-170F 200-220F 200-220F 190-200F
Standard color black & white transparent black black black

Feel free to contact us for any additional technical details.

Best regards,
Michael Tsenter
CAMATTINI - North America
a division of NEST Technologies
3849 Ridgemoor Drive
Studio City, California 91604

Tel: 818-761-6500
Fax: 818-761-6116
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