Re: Output from CADDS5 for Rapid Prototyping

Date: Fri Aug 15 1997 - 09:16:42 EEST

how about some background, i.e., why isn't the STL translator available? the systems i've been on have it available on both the explicit and parametric sides of CADDS5 modelling. i normally create the STL files while in explicit mode. are you on a UNIX or NT platform?


mike doty

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Greetings All !!

I am looking for some help to get to a valid STL file from CADDS5.
The STL translator within CADDS5 is not available, and I have tried
unsuccessfully to read an IGES file into BROCK, UG, Pro/E,
Master CAM ... ( I think you get the idea ) The parent untrimmed
surfaces come thru the translation along with the surfaces I need.
Can some one do the translation for me from CADDS5 (price/lead time)
or give me some insight into accomplishing this task.

Thanks in advance

The guy at the end of his rope

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