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From: Nemeth Karoly (
Date: Mon Aug 18 1997 - 03:14:09 EEST

Dear RP World,

There is a Virtual Manufacturing project running at our universitat at the moment The project gives us the
possibility to make some further researches in this field, and to get some experience. We have a phD student,
who would like to work in connection with RP. We have only limited access to RP equipements (LOM or SLA), so he
would be engaged mainly in theoretical questions.
I would like to ask for tips and ideas:
- What are the main research topic on the field of RP (new file formats, accuracy, new application
territories, build-time estimators)?
- What are the relevant practical problems that could be solved within the scope of a phD research?
 The help of the RP community would be very helpful. I keep reading the letters of this mailing list and know
that there are many RP expert among the members. I do hope, that they would be so nice to help us.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Karoly Nemeth
Technical University of Budapest
Department of Manufacturing

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