Re: 3D Systems to Stratasys comparison

From: Brad Fox (
Date: Mon Aug 18 1997 - 23:27:10 EEST

I can give you some of my own experience with 3D Systems and Stratasys.
Both systems are proven technologies that will interface well with your
RP needs. However, I define a good RP system by how versatile it is -
how broadly it applies over the scope of what a company needs to build.

What I mean by "broad" application is:
1) What is the throughput of the machine? Not just how fast it is - how
many models can be pumped through it. Any company correctly applying RP
to rapid product development will keep a system very busy (loaded).

2) How accurate is the system? And how accurate is it over a broad
scope of part geometry (and size)?

3) Feature detail. Since most designs today are very complex, a system
needs to recreate feature detail easily. This will also come in to play
when using the parts as a pattern for some secondary process.

There are probably others, but this is all I thought up at the moment.
Therefore, based upon this, I've enjoyed the Stereolithography
technology and thought it fit the above criteria best.

I encourage you to look closely at your need (whether it's broad or more
focuesed) and pick a technology that will fit.

IMHO, of course ;)

Brad Fox
Rapid Design Technologies

> wrote:
> Does anyone have any benchmark data on these two systems?
> So far I just know that one is cheaper than the other....but is money
> the only yardstick?
> Any user level info will be greatly appreciated
> Andy Messina

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