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                RAPID TOOLS V4.0.1 SOFTWARE

STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA: August 20, 1997: DeskArtes-North America, a
division of NEST Technologies, announced today the availability of the
latest version of Rapid Tools software package for Rapid Prototyping.
Rapid Tools Version 4.0.1 offers a powerful set of functions for repair,
conversion and manipulation of STL, IGES & VDA-FS files.

At the same time, a new product evaluation program has been announced
allowing the use of the Rapid Editor module for 1 year for only $89.
During the one year period, any of the other six modules can be
evaluated for two weeks without additional cost.

The following are some of the features included in the Rapid Editor:

Automatic repair of STL files
Selective gap filling
Adding, Deleting, and Copying Facets
Orientation of normals
Cutting of STL files
Separation of connected components
Separation at parting lines
Viewing of STL and IGES files
Looking inside STL and IGES files
Scaling & orienting STL files
Positioning multiple STL files
Dimensioning and Measurement
Volume & Area Computations

Other modules include:

Rapid Facetor - for state-of-the-art editing and conversion of IGES
Rapid Boolean - for adding pins, holes, making mold cavities, etc.
Rapid Offset - for making hollow parts, changing wall thickness, etc.
Rapid Refine - for optimizing the number of facets in a STL file
Rapid Support - for generating support structures
Rapid Slicer - for slicing STL files

The $89 annual evaluation program is available in the US and Canada
In addition, a "Rent-to-Buy" program has been announced. Complete
details of this program are provided upon request.

Finally, a new pricing structure has gone into effect on August 15,
1997, making this versatile software package much more affordable.

Rapid Tools software is developed by DeskArtes, Oy of Finland, a
recognized leader in software development for Rapid Prototyping and
Industrial Design. DeskArtes-North America, a division of NEST
Technologies, is responsible for marketing, sales, and technical support
in the United States and Canada.


DeskArtes - North America
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