Re: RP Users and Maintenance problems

From: Paul L. Finelt (
Date: Thu Aug 21 1997 - 15:03:18 EEST

Dear Elaine and List Members,

As a lurker and sometime user of rp equipment, my opinion on the issue
Elaine brings up...

Any responsible individual or firm contemplating the installation of an rp
machine must anticipate some start-up and maintenance issues. Non-work
stopping Bugs, running engineering changes, etc. are a fact of life in any
complex system and should only be factored into a decision if the
organization can't handle them.

If the users of any system (read s/w and h/w) band together for the primary
purpose of defending themselves against a poorly run supplier, they are
probably working with a doomed system. History has proven this true.

Please don't squelch the only communication channel available to potential
users. Any manufacturer/individual who would counsel to do so is
recommending a course that only signals more significant underlying issues.

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