RE: Upgrading CPU and memory because of lag time.

From: Bruce Okkema (
Date: Fri Aug 22 1997 - 04:16:42 EEST

When we first upgraded our workstation with the 3D supplied computer I noticed a considerable lag time between layers and while scanning between various regions on the platform. We didn't wait long and upgraded our workstation to a Pentium 166 w/ 64MB RAM. This was a major improvement well worth the expense. I no longer can detect any lag time due to processing.
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Bruce Okkema
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From: Luther V Diaz Yap[]
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 1997 11:12 PM
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Subject: Upgrading CPU and memory because of lag time.

To whom it may concern,

I am interested if anyone out there in RP land has noticed the lag time of
of your SLA 500/40 and SLS 2000 workstation before scanning. Is the machine
doing some type of calculation?

If so how can this be improved? Will adding more memory, larger swap space
on the hard drive, or an upgraded CPU help. Maybe an Intel Pentium II chip...,
has anyone upgraded their RP workstation?

What is the cost and benefits in this type of upgrade?

Also I've noticed a lag also when you're running complicated geometry and large
.STL files.

Luther V Diaz Yap
MASS Prototype
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