Re: IGES to STL for PowerPC

From: Joe Schroeder (
Date: Fri Aug 22 1997 - 19:26:13 EEST

Joe Mooring wrote:

> Anyone know of a IGES to STL translator that is running under MacOS on
> the PowerPC platform? Please send repsonses (if any) to
> Thanks
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Although it does much more than just IGES to STL conversion, the
SolidSurfacer package
from Gibbs and Associates, a solids (Parasolid) based 3D milling
software, is available
for Win95, NT, and Power Mac platforms.

SolidSurfacer does an excellent job of "stitching" IGES surface data
into solids, which
allows you to output STL, Parasolid, or ACIS data.

The only problem is the price tag, which is around $13,000 (remember,
it's much more
than a translator). It is conceivable that Gibbs might (with sufficient
market pressure)
"unbundle" the stitching functionality, though. To find out, send
e-mail to

Tell Bill (Gibbs) I sent you.

Joe Schroeder
Gazelle prototype, LLC

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