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Here's again a message that didn't quite make it to the list by it

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Subject: Non-RP-related....or is it??


All this talk about computers, CPU's and OS's started me thinking.....are
all your RP systems year 2000 compliant.......or will you be in for a fun
time around January 2000 ??

Even if they are then I thought I'd give you details about the Year
announcement list which is sent out freely to keep interested and sensible
people updated about all things `Millenium-Bug' related. To subscribe either:

        (i) Just E-mail the word SUBSCRIBE to the address

        (ii) Go to and fill out the
short form.

The homepage for the year 2000 information center is this is a useful resource page giving helpful
software and pointers to information that tells you how to check your
computer systems prior to 2000.

Sorry if people think this is not RP related...but you never know !!


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