Software help for new RP system

From: Mats Jansson (
Date: Mon Aug 25 1997 - 19:04:48 EEST

We are looking for leads and suggestions of software,
or software developers (CAD/CAM) that can help us optimize
a part of our software that is currently being used for the TSF

TSF builds large models by spraying molten wax into thin,
successive layers of sand. The key difference from other
systems (and why it is cost feasible on a large scale) is
that only a surface outline and internal support ribbing
is printed. When surfaces get close to horizontal, multiple
print stripes next to each other are required to create the
minimum wall thickness of the model.

The challenge is to take a 3D surface model, represented as
a dxf file (or IGES), and create 2D poly lines (or splines)
for all the slices, representing the tool path, not just the
surface. This means that side-by-side lines would be
automatically created when needed, and the proper offset would
be automatic. Ideally, the support grid inside would be auto
created as well. The needed output (today) is dxf, although it
would also be feasible if the output became 2 1/2 axis g-code.

SurfCAM and MasterCAM do not appear to have anything useful,
it seems. Does anyone know of others?

Mats J.

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