Re: Build time report?

From: Joseph DeGuglielmo (
Date: Mon Aug 25 1997 - 19:52:18 EEST

To quote #5 "Need more input".

Are you talking SLA? If so..., if you are running out of DOS there is a
build log you can look at on both the 500 and 250. It would be in
c:\slalog on the 500 and the file name is build.log, I'm not sure were
it is on the 250 but its a similar convention. If your running NT the
only way I know to check the build times is to review the results in the
build window. It will only tell you the last copy and is lost if you
delete that job from your job list. But if you keep adding jobs a list
develops from which you can review and compare.

If you are talking SLS, you need to run the excitable "gettimes -b" from
a unix window after each build. This will give you a run down of the
length of time "only" each build stage took. Remember to add the "-b"
otherwise you wind up with a huge file that you will have to then sort
through. We rename and save a copy of the report for each build and
store it in a sub directory for future reference. Also keep in mind
that if you run "cleanup" you will delete the file that stores this
So, build your part,
        run gettimes -b
        then run clean up

Hope this was helpful.
Joe D

Dave Pinkston wrote:

> HI!! RP
> I am looking for a report to compare time of build. Is there one
> available?



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