Re: Application of 3D Systems' ACTUA 2100

From: Brad Fox (
Date: Wed Aug 27 1997 - 02:00:58 EEST

We also have very successfully investment cast parts out of the Actua.
Traditional autoclaving can be done which makes the process fast. We've
done some very complex parts and yet to have dissipointing results. The
only thing to consider is the surface finish before casting the
pattern. The surface can be very quickly made smooth in post finishing.

I'll also put in my two cents for Actua. After running a service bureau
for 8 years, the best thing I like about Actua is it's reliability.
I've yet to have a build failure with my machine. IMHO - Actua is a
great little concept modeler!

Brad Fox
Rapid Design Technologies

>Yakov Horenstein wrote:
> At 10:59 +0100 3/6/97, Kevin Dyer wrote:
> >Given the accuracy, material properties (mostly wax), and surface finish,
> >ACTUA parts are a
> >natural for investment casting. Burnout parameters do not have to be
> >modified, according to
> >the foundries that have been using the ACTUA material (ThermoJet >45)in place of tradional foundry wax.
> Have you had any more experience on this subject? Are you happy with >the Actua?
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