Re: Switching vats on the 250

From: Joe DeGuglielmo (
Date: Thu Aug 28 1997 - 03:54:40 EEST

You already mentioned some important issues. It is imperative to
thoroughly clean the resin off all components especially when switching
between different types such as acrylates and epoxies. There are other
issues such as blade gap setting. Each resin has a specific gap setting
which needs to be set by a qualified service technician. If you are
using a zephyr recoater it is even more important. Your machine
calibration file will not be effected, if it was good before it'll still
be good, but you will need to change your resin file and establish new
shrink factors. It isn't as simple as we first thought when it was
assumed that it could be done without a service call. These are only a
few things that came to mind, I'm sure there are more. Good Luck

Adcy Christensen wrote:

> Dear rp'ers,
> Does anyone have experience with switching vats on the SLA-250/40?
> I'm
> looking for info about recalibration, contamination of different
> resins
> and other issues associated.
> Thanks for the reply.
> Regards,
> Andy
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Regards, Joe DeGuglielmo

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