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You may be interested to look at
This is the web site of the Design and Modelling Council (DMAC).

DMAC is a group of CAD/CAM/CAE vendors who are developing OLE for Design and Manufacture. This group includes Delcam as well as Intergraph and SolidWorks.

The DMAC web site includes a slide show of the demonstration given at the Daratech
Conference in March 1997 ( The demo, which
is better seen live, shows how objects created in various CAD systems coexist without
translation in various CAD, CAM and CAE systems thanks to the OLE for D & M mechanism.
The demo includes a hybrid part made of SolidEdge and SolidWorks objects being machined
in Delcam's PowerMILL application.

We believe that this technology is quite exciting and I hope that you find it of interest.

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Ive been looking seperately at Solidworks and SolidEdge. Both very
impressive. Has anyone tested the OLE compatability by reading one
model into the other system? Did it work? Is anyone aware of a
software house working on input of legacy data to and from these



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