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The Sky's the limit!
Please join us for the Years Most Important
Selective Laser Sintering Event!
Announcing the
1997 Selective Laser Sintering User's Group
Annual Conference

October 5th through 8th, 1997
At the Albuquerque Double Tree Hotel and Convention Center
201 Marquette NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
 For reservations call 1-800-222-8733

Be sure to mention the 1997 SLS User's Group when making your
reservations. Since the Conference
coincides with the annual Kodak Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
it is extremely important
that flight and hotel reservations be made well in advance.

Please note:
  Hotel parking is $5.00 per day
  Airport shuttle service is available by Checker Express at $8 one way,
or $14 round trip

"As the 1997 Chairman of the SLS User's Group, I would like to encourage
each user of this
technology to make plans to attend this meeting. Based on feedback from
last years' participants we
are expanding the scope of the meeting to include tutorials, parts fair,
and an optional tour of Sandia
National Laboratories' Rapid Prototyping Lab. An added attraction, this
year, is the KODAK
International Balloon Fiesta that is held annually in Albuquerque and is
the largest gathering of
balloonists in the world. Last year over 700 hot air and gas balloons
were entered in the event."

"Please make plans to attend and participate in this very important
technical exchange. If you are a
user of DTM's SLS technology and do not attend the Users meeting you are
cheating yourself
professionally, and your company."

Clint Atwood
The Sky's the limit!

This years meeting has the potential to soar as high as the many warm
balloons that will grace the skies over Albuquerque in October. Many
of preparation have been put into this years conference to make it the
one yet. More user presentations, more technical discussions, and more
benefits to all who attend. The additional excursions to the
Balloon Fiesta make this years event both educational and entertaining.
your sights high and plan on attending the years most important
Laser Sintering Event! You'll be glad you did!

Please contact this years Officers for any question

Clint Atwood
Sandia National

Vice Chairman
Brian Bauman
Plynetics Express

Joe DeGuglielmo
Eastman Kodak

Marc Karnik

Kevin McAlea

This Years Agenda

Sunday October 5, 1997

04:30 -- 07:00 Board Buses
                                The Balloon Glow (optional, will
require sign up) * see note 1
                                The Kodak Albuquerque International
Balloon Fiesta is a annual event
                                attracting over 1.5 million spectators
in 1996. This year marks it 26th
                                year and will be highlighted by over 100
uniquely shaped balloons.
                                One of the most popular events is the
"Balloon Glow" where
                                spectators walk among the estimated 900
Roaring Giants from all
                                around the world.

07:00 -- 08:00 Return to the Albuquerque Double Tree
                                Early Registration and reception
immediately upon return.

Monday October 6, 1997

07:30 -- 08:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast

08:15 -- 08:30 Introductions: Clint Atwood, Sandia
National Laboratories
                                                1997 SLS User Group

08:30 -- 09:00 Brent Stucker University of Rhode
                        "Zyrkon EDM Electrodes Using SLS."

09:00-- 09:30 Frank Breitinger IWB User Center
                        "Rapid Tooling LR for Injection Molding and
Pressure Die Casting"

09:30-- 10:00 Ron Clemons Harvest Technologies
                        "SOMOS Pros and Cons"

10:00 -- 10:30 Break

10:30 -- 11:00 Steve Deak Hasbro Toy Group
                        Phil Connor DTM Corporation
                        "Plastic Molding Inserts using the SLS process"

11:00 -- 11:30 Joe DeGuglielmo Eastman Kodak Company
                        "Powder Handling and Inventory Control at
Eastman Kodak Company"

11:30 -- 12:00 Marc Karnic Whirlpool Corporation
                        "A Discussion on Nitrogen Generators from a
users Perspective"

12:00 -- 01:30 Lunch (Networking)

01:30 -- 02:00 Rich Beaudoin General Motors ,
Powertrain Casting Operations
                        "Rapid Prototyping and the Automotive Foundry"

02:00 -- 02:30 Mark Ensz Sandia National
                        "Shelling TrueForm Parts for Increased accuracy
and Decreased Build Times"

02:30 -- 03:00 Brian Bauman Plynetics Express
                        "A Discussion on the use of SandForm ZR"

03:00 -- 03:30 Break

03:30 -- 04 :00 Tim Gornet University of Louisville

                        "Glass filled Nylon Inserts for Tooling"

04:00 -- 04:30 Andrew Marsden The University of Leeds
                        "Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms project, The
Development of Medical Training
                        Aids: A Medical Case Study"

04:30 -- 05:00 Breakout Discussion

06:00 -- 08:30 Board buses for the Conference Dinner at Sandia
Peak * see note 2
08:30 -- 10:30 Tram Ride up to Sandia Peak * see note 2

Tuesday October 7, 1997

07:30 -- 08:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast

08:00 -- 09:30 DTM Reports
                        Business Overview - John Murchison
                        Market Focus - Kevin McAlea
                        Product Development Update
                                        System - Kevin McAlea
                                Functional Models - Margo Myers
                                        - SOMOS 201 TPE
                                        - DuraForm Polyamide
                                        - Futures
                                Prototype Manufacturing - Margo Myers
                                        - Investment Casting (Shelling,
TrueForm PMMA)
                                        - Sand Casting (SandForm Si and
Zr full release)
                                        - Rapid Tool LR
                                        - Rapid Tool SR (Concepts, early
                                        - Futures

09:30 -- 10:00 Break

10:00 -- 10:30 Jean Smith DTM Corporation
                        "Review 1996 DTM wish list"

10:30 -- 11:00 Generate 1997 DTM wish list

11:00 -- 11:30 Dr. Trevor Ilston Rover Group,
University of Warwick
                        "Sand Form"

11:30 -- 12:30 Lunch (Networking)

12:30 -- 02:00 Business Meeting:
                                Treasurer's report
                                1998 Site selection
                                Old and New Business
                                Election of Officers

02:00 -- 02:30 Break

02:30 -- 04:00 Clint Atwood Sandia National
                        Open Technical Discussion Facilitated by this
years SLS Chairman

                        "A VERY informal open forum on such topics as
Machine Performance,
                        Hardware, Software and Materials. This forum is
intended as a technical
                        exchange of problems and solutions uncovered by
the user community."


Special Vendor Sessions and Parts Fair

Tuesday October 7, 1997

04:00 -- 04:15 Kristen Dudash Society of Manufacturing
                        "Rapid Prototyping Association: An Introduction
and Benefits"

04:15 -- 04:30 Mark Bliek Materialise
                        "A Introduction to new Materialise RP products"

04:30 -- 04:45 Andre Dolenc Nest Technologies
                        "Shelling with DeskArtes RapidTools"

04:45 -- 05:00 Michael Tsenter Nest Technologies
                        "Polyurethane Injection with the Proto Mix
                        "Rapid Tooling for Thermal Forming with ESPOR"

05:00 -- 06:30 Free Time

06:30 -- 08:00 Parts Fair, Vendor Displays and Reception

Wednesday October 8, 1997

06:00 Board Buses
07:00 -- 09:30 Balloon Fiesta Mass Ascension * (optional will
require sign up)
                        A sight you won't want to miss as over 800
balloons lift off in the largest mass
ascension in the world.

09:30 -- 10:00 Jean Claude Tasse CTTM Le Mans,

10:00 -- 02:00 Concurrent Technical Discussions Lead by the
Experts from DTM Corporation
                        "Sand Casting" Ed Shivak
                        "Investment Casting" Will Pattison
                        "Functional Models" Mary Michalewicz and
Chris Hanna
                        "Metal Tooling" Phillip Conner

                        These sessions will be running concurrently and
are designed to be in small
                        intimate groups to promote the best exchange of
information. There will be
                        four one hour sessions of each to allow everyone
to participate in all sessions.
Due to the nature of this format we will have sign up sheets available
at the
                        registration table. Please sign up when you

02:00 Adjourn

2:30 -- 4:30 Optional tour of Sandia's Rapid Prototyping Lab
* Note 1: Please contact Clint Atwood prior to conference if you will
* Note 2: Additional costs are anticipated for guests
Selective Laser Sintering User's Group
Registration Form

Registration Fee:
        $250.00 per person if received by September 1, 1997
        $350.00 per person if received after September 1, 1997

Job or Position:
City, State Zip:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
FAX Number:

Make checks payable to the Selective Laser Sintering User Group

Mail your completed form with enclosed check to:

                        Marc Karnik (Treasurer)
                        Whirlpool Corporation
                        303 Upton Drive
                        St. Joseph MI
                        Mail Drop 0210

                        FAX 616-923-6380
                        Phone 616-923-6085
                        Email Marc_D_Karnik@email.whirlpool.com

        Please find my enclosed check for the 1997 SLS User's Group
registration fee

        I intend to bring a guest or guests. How many?

(Please note, You may be responsible for additional costs. See Agenda
notes for details)


Regards, Joe DeGuglielmo

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