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>3D Systems Debuts Next Generation SLA-5000; Rollout Spotlights 12 New
> Products and Enhancements
> VALENCIA, Calif., Sept. 3 /PRNewswire/ - 3D Systems Corporation
> (Nasdaq-NNM: TDSC) today announced the commercial launch of its new
> SLA-5000, the next generation in stereolithography systems designed
> for rapid prototyping and rapid tooling.
> As part of a comprehensive effort to expand the range of
> stereolithography applications to its user community, 3D Systems
> also announced 11 additional new products and enhancements in
> hardware, software, applications and services.
> The centerpiece of the new offerings is the SLA-5000, a state-
> of-the-art system that offers greater speed, case of use and lower
> cost of ownership of any comparable rapid prototyping system. With
> the highest power solid-state ultraviolet laser available in
> stereolithography today, the SLA-5000 produces faster part
> throughput per hour, 0.05 mm (0.002 inches) layer thickness for
> many geometries, and requires less space and lower power
> consumption.
> "We are driving toward a single goal - to meet the greatest
> number of customer needs in one powerful system. With the SLA-
> 5000, we've integrated all the benefits of earlier generations, and
> added even smarter technology to push the boundaries on
> performance. In short, the SLA-5000 is better, faster, simpler and
> more economical to operate than any other large-frame SLA in
> history," said Rich Balanson, president of 3D Systems.
> The company reported that it had already installed three of the
> new systems at customer sites and had an order backlog of seven SLA-
> 5000s valued at approximately $3.5 million.
> The SLA-5000's 0.05 mm (0.002 inches) tooling buildstyle
> represents a 50 percent improvement in fine part detail over the
> standard 0.10 mm (0.004 inches) layer thicknesses. As a result,
> the SLA-5000 is well-matched for high demand applications such as
> small, highly detailed parts for computer housings, tooling and
> castings, or large complex parts such as engine blocks, missile
> housings, or detailed electronic chassis.
> The SLA-5000's faster throughput is derived from SmartSweep(TM)
> with the Zephyr(TM) recoating system which sweeps only the active
> area of the part build resulting in up to a 20 percent throughput
> improvement, depending upon part geometry; the new SL 5195 resin
> which has a faster photospeed; and improvements in the buildstation
> software which optimizes part building speed. With its new and
> compact design, the SLA-5000 requires only 25 square feet of
> facility space, nearly half the space of its predecessor the SLA-
> 500. This smaller footprint lowers operating and facilities costs,
> as well as enables users to house more SLAs in less space.
> User conveniences, like automatic resin refill and leveling to
> reduce operational time, have been built into the SLA-5000, along
> with special features such as increased window visibility,
> controller access door, a backwards swivel movement of the CRT for
> easier maintenance and a modular design for faster operation and
> service.
> Measured by kilowatt hour, the 220v, single phase, 15 amp SLA-
> 5000 uses six times less power than its predecessors. There is no
> external water cooling required which dramatically lowers the cost
> of installation and, therefore, the cost of ownership.
> The SLA-5000 also features the new Windows NT(R) buildstation
> software which allows users to specify duplicate builds, preview
> jobs during the build, and display estimated build-completion time.
> More New Hardware: SLA-3500, SLA-250/50HR
> 3D Systems has also introduced the SLA-3500 which, along with
> the SLA- 5000, represents its Millennium Series. The SLA-3500
> replaces the SLA-350 and features SmartSweep for increased part
> throughput, the 0.05 mm (0.002 inches) tooling buildstyle for
> increased part resolution, and the automatic resin refill for
> convenient operation.
> The company has also introduced the SLA-250/50HR (high
> resolution) that focus the laser into an ultra small beam width,
> providing nearly a three times improvement in feature resolution.
> This high resolution system is ideally suited to build small,
> intricate parts used by electromechanical connector companies and
> the medical device industry. Also included is a 0.0635 mm (0.0025
> inch) build style in Maestro(TM) 1.9 which allows the user to build
> in finer Z layer thickness.
> New Software: Maestro(TM) 1.9, Buildstation 4.1, QuickCast(TM)
> 2.0
> 3D Systems' September new product rollout features a number of
> significant software additions. Maestro 1.9 is the latest
> generation of the widely installed SLA workstation software. It
> features improved functionality and greater ease of use. In
> addition, the package offers more reliable support generation and
> easier post-processing. Maestro 1.9 makes possible the 0.05 mm
> (0.002 inches) tooling buildstyle, central to the SLA-5000, the SLA-
> 3500 and available as an upgrade for the SLA-350. Maestro 1.9
> supports both Silicon Graphics and Hewlett-Packard(R) platforms.
> Buildstation 4.1, another new software upgrade, incorporates
> many customer-requested features that improve ease of use, cuts
> processing time, and speeds laser drawing throughput.
> QuickCast 2.0 software, designed for building patterns for
> investment casting, has been improved to better meet conventional
> foundry practices. Its new "hexagon" buildstyle improves
> throughput, produces lighter parts, reduces shell cracking, and
> cuts part finishing time.
> New Material: SL 5195
> SL 5195, a new CIBATOOL(R) epoxy resin developed for the SLA-
> 5000, delivers faster photospeed over SL 5190 and better surface
> finish through better sidewall quality.
> Multiple Product Upgrades and Services
> Other new developments in the product rollout include a variety
> of upgrades and specialized services. SmartSweep upgrades are now
> available for both the SLA-500 and SLA-350. It is important to
> note that The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)
> assisted with development funding for SmartSweep as a part of their
> ongoing effort to advance rapid prototyping technology. The
> microspot high resolution laser on the SLA-250/50HR is also
> available for the SLA-250/50 system. Any SLA-500 system currently
> in service qualifies for an SLA-5000 trade-in program. Finally,
> because of its outstanding reliability, the print head for the
> Actua 2100 is no longer considered a consumable part. Instead, it
> has been incorporated into the initial system package and is fully
> covered under a 12 month warranty.
> 3D Systems Corporation develops, manufactures and markets
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