RE: negativism

From: Brock Hinzmann (
Date: Mon Sep 08 1997 - 22:07:04 EEST

Sounds like burnout to me. The RP folks have been running at the leading
edge for too long. Perhaps you need a vacation. The deadlines you speak of
were unrealistic to begin with, which is the nature of hype. For those
that take the more realistic long-term perspective, however, RP and its
future iterations have to seem just as exciting as ever. Don't turn on each
other in the middle of the road; you're likely the get hit by a truck.

Brock Hinzmann
Director, TechMonitoring
SRI International

Stahlhut, Todd A. wrote:
>For about 6-8 months I have noted a very
> negative trend in the rp-ml. - TRUE
>Are we past our fascination with RP? - Yes
>Bored and restless? - Yes
>Tired of waiting for deadlines to pass? - Yes
>Has hype caught up with reality? - Depends on what
>Is RP truly oversold? - "
> " "
>Is the only problem that is left in RP for us
>to complete is the attack each other? - Lets hope not!
>I know what we have seen at our site is that RP has lost the
>high tech gee wiz focus and to a lot of customers we are just
>another process to be used and abused. They want it ever faster,
>ever cheaper - or they will go somewhere else. I think this starts
>to make one more cynical after a while..... I would think this is
>the same everywhere after the newness wears off.
>Todd Stahlhut
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>From: Elaine Hunt
>Subject: negativism
>Date: Monday, September 08, 1997 11:51AM
>For about 6-8 months I have noted a very negative trend in the rp-ml.
>we past our fascination with RP? Bored and restless? Tired of waiting
>deadlines to pass? Has hype caught up with reality? Is RP truly
> Is the only problem that is left in RP for us to complete is the attack
>each other?
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