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From: David K. Leigh (
Date: Mon Sep 08 1997 - 22:28:34 EEST

> For about 6-8 months I have noted a very negative trend in the rp-ml.
> we past our fascination with RP? Bored and restless? Tired of waiting
> deadlines to pass? Has hype caught up with reality? Is RP truly
> Is the only problem that is left in RP for us to complete is the attack
> each other?
> Elaine

The problem is that RP is now commercial. Although you may have more
people interested in RP, they are not the type to sit around all day and
dream up new ways to accomplish something. You have more trained
technicians and project managers overseeing the equipment.
Due to the large number of service bureaus using the equipment as well as
competitors (like GM, Ford, and Chrysler), you will naturally see less
information. Why would I want to share information about application of
materials or hints on how to save time finishing parts or making them more
accurately? I would lessen my competitive edge. This is the reason you
have many more people reading this list than writing to it. There are far
fewer research minded people in the industry per capita than there were 5
years ago when this stuff really started kicking.
Anyway, I will admit that I try not to contribute TOO much unsolicited, but
I do try to answer technical questions when it applies to what I'm doing

BTW, is this considered a negative post???!!!!

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