Laser Warranty

Date: Mon Sep 08 1997 - 23:30:20 EEST

Dear RPML subscribers:

Recently, I realized that there has been considerable confusion and
disbelief surrounding AAROFLEX's warranty policies regarding the
Coherent Argon Ion laser systems. AAROFLEX does not warrant the laser,
but passes the original factory warranty on to the purchaser of the
Solid Imager. This policy eliminates the middle man and allows the
customer to receive technical support directly from the manufacturer of
the laser system.

I contacted Coherent and requested that they clarify the warranty on
their argon ion laser systems. Coherent has stated in writing that if
"any failure occurs in the laser during the warranty or Productivity
Plus (PP) warranty period thereafter, all costs (parts, labor and
travel) are covered. As long as additional PP periods are purchased
before the end of the warranty (or the end of the last PP period) the
system will be considered fully covered by Coherent. THIS INCLUDES TUBE

Neither Coherent nor AAROFLEX charge the customer for tube replacements
as they are covered under the warranty and are replaced free of charge.
In fact, when a tube begins to deteriorate, there are identifiable
symptoms several weeks before total failure. As soon as these symptoms
are identified by the user, the user may immediately implement a
replacement procedure. Coherent will deliver a replacement tube directly
to the user's site and schedule a service technician to install the
tube. In this manner, the user can eliminate the down time on replacing
the laser tube.

If you would like further information regarding the AAROFLEX and/or
Coherent warranties, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E.
703.573.0690 fax 703.849.1206
8550 Lee Highway, Suite 525, Fairfax, VA 22031

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