Re: SLA: Bad surface finish on flat surface with holes

From: Michael Buchloh (
Date: Wed Sep 10 1997 - 14:19:57 EEST

Stahlhut, Todd A. wrote:
> Please excuse my interruption with a RP related topic....
> I thought I would ask the SLAers out there about their thoughts about a
> problem I see on our SLA 250/50. When we are building a large flat with
> ...
> asthetically pleasing look, and this effect definitely detracts from
> mockups of front panels.
> Your thoughts ????
> Regards, Todd Stahlhut

EOS has developed an algorithm, which changes the exposure strategy for
the up/down surfaces. Within the part, the exposure is done the same way
you've described it, but for the final layer the exposure is
uninterrupted, thus, the laser is just writing line by line with
skipping the holes. This is a little bit slower than the normal
exposure, but it results in perfect surfaces. Hopefully 3D will adapt
this in their new software, now, after they've bought the EOS
stereolithography technology.

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