Re: Safety video download

From: Greg Redden (
Date: Thu Sep 11 1997 - 03:00:19 EEST


I have had exactly the same symptoms when unzipping and trying to play the

At first I thought it was due to file corruption that may have occurred
during the download of a 100MB+ file over the net, but perhaps the file at was already corrupt.


At 15:56 10/09/97 -0700, Dark, Jeffrey T wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I tried to download Mr. Deak's video from Mr. Denton's ftp site, and ran
>into some problems. It seemed to download OK, but when I unzipped it,
>it gave me
>an error message. When I tried to play the video I got about 20 seconds
>into it, and it crashed on me. I even tried the download and unzip
>again, and it crashed in the same spot. Anyone else successful? Any
>suggestions? By
>the way, nice curls Martha!
>Jeff Dark
>Technical Focal
>BCAG Rapid Prototyping Center
>The Boeing Company
>M/S 17-PE
>(206) 655-9515

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