RE: Safety video download

Date: Fri Sep 12 1997 - 21:06:45 EEST

Thanks to Karl Denton for taking the pains to convert the video to the ftp
site. I hope the video content (while light-hearted in some spots) will
keep someone from going through what I have when working with SL epoxy

There is an alternative to the 106Mb download, but it is very archaic.
 Since its debut in February, 1997, a copy of the tape has been floating
around the USA which may be copied on the "honor system." This means you
copy the tape and return or pay for forwarding to the next requestor. This
is a very fragile system heavily dependent on the diligence of each person.
 It can continue should someone request, however a few can ruin it for all.

OR, as an alternative, 3D Systems has been very gracious for distributing
the video to their customers on request. I have furnished the video tape
to 3D Systems' Education Center (Nina Bach) for distribution to their
customers. You may contact Nina at (+1) 805-295-5600.


Steve Deak E-mail:
Manager-RP Services Voice: (513) 579-3270
Hasbro Toy Group Fax: (513) 579-3250
615 Elsinore Place
Cincinnati, OH 45202 "Our Business is Fun!"

From: Dark, Jeffrey T
To: 'RP mailing list'
Subject: Safety video download
Date: Wednesday, September 10, 1997 6:56PM

Hi folks,

I tried to download Mr. Deak's video from Mr. Denton's ftp site, and ran
into some problems. It seemed to download OK, but when I unzipped it,
it gave me
an error message. When I tried to play the video I got about 20 seconds
into it, and it crashed on me. I even tried the download and unzip
again, and it crashed in the same spot. Anyone else successful? Any
suggestions? By
the way, nice curls Martha!

Jeff Dark
Technical Focal
BCAG Rapid Prototyping Center
The Boeing Company
M/S 17-PE
(206) 655-9515

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