PC on SLA 250's

From: jbondy@howmet.com
Date: Fri Sep 12 1997 - 23:21:20 EEST

     I have a question concerning the PC's the SLA community is using with
     SLA 250's. We just purchased a used 250 that has a very old PC (286)
     still running on it.
     We know we need to upgrade it and 3D wants a LOT to do this. Anybody
     out there with experience in upgrading your 250 PC's on your own? Can
     you just swap out 3D's I/O card into your own PC? Any ramifications
     to maintenance contracts?
     Any input or suggestions would be very appreciated. I do intend to
     ask my 3D rep about this but I would like to hear some user
     experiences as well.
     Jeff Bondy
     Howmet Corporation

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