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From: Hans Danuser (
Date: Mon Sep 15 1997 - 09:20:03 EEST

InterAccess Ltd. announces: PView - a interactive 3D Polygon Viewer

The InterAccess Polygon Viewer allows you to visualize and manipulate
complex 3D polygonal data (e.g. CAD/medical models) in real-time on Silicon
Graphics workstations (requires IRIX5.3 or higher).

Main features of PView:

* Supports several shading methods (Flat-, Gouraud and Bichsel)
* Easy to use (GUI-based)
* StereoVision (CrystalEyes)
* Supports several 3D data formats
  - Stereolithography binary format (STL)
  - Triangle Data Format (TDF)
  - Subset of the Data Exchange Format (DXF)
  - Editable ASCII polygon format (VIS)
The InterAccess PView supports the binary version of the widely used
STEREOLITHOGRAPHY (STL)-format. Therefore PView may be considered as
an important tool in the RAPID PROTOTYPING process.
The Triangle Data Format (TDF) represents a redundancy free alternative
to the STL-format, resulting in up to 50% DISK-SPACE SAVING! Therefore,
the use of the TDF-format is recommended if large datasets are involved.

In addition to known shading methods, PView employs a new shading tech-
nique, called Bichsel-shading that offers high rendering quality (in-
cluding cast shadowing).

For more information please contact:

To obtain a full or demo version via Internet/WWW:

Best regards,

Hans Danuser, Marketing-Manager

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