Re: Stratasys wish list, again

From: Nagendra H. V. (Proj BGM) (
Date: Mon Sep 15 1997 - 12:44:48 EEST

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997 ralott@CCGATE.HAC.COM wrote:

> Some more things I wish I could do with Stratasys...
> 1. I wish ssend would reject anything other than .sml files

                Why would we need to send anything other than .sml files
                using ssend ?

> 2. I wish QuickSlice could copy a set of roads as easily as it copies
> a set of curves. Then when I need to make multiple parts the
> processing would be much faster.

> 3. I wish I knew how to remove parts from the 8000 without tearing a
> big hole in the foam.

                Is the foam used in 8000 different from that on 1600? One way
                of preventing the part from sticking to the foam on a
                1600 is to create more layers of the set "basefast".
                (The default value is 5. I would recommend approx. 8-9
                layers). I have removed parts covering 85% of the foam
                area with minimal damage to the foam( sometimes even with
                out any damage too). This of couse increases the build time.

> 4. I wish the software would create a log of actual start and stop
> times of ssend runs so I could verify build time estimates and keep my
> books in better order.

                I would rather prefer a digital display on the machine which
                records the actual time of start and stop.

> 5. I wish the index in the software manual made more sense. If I

> want to read about "Fast Options," for instance, I should be able to
> find it in the index.

                It would good if the manual is better organised. I have
                found it very difficult to locate the necessary info.


        I also would like too add these few lines. How's is that
dicussions about FDM are almost absent on this list ? Its only that
occasionally that somebody comes up with a wish list.


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