Painting of SL parts

Date: Tue Sep 16 1997 - 18:05:29 EEST

     Would like some information on painting of SL parts built with 5170
     resin. In the past when a customer has requested that a part be
     painted we have used enamel in spray cans or enamel model paint by
     Testors. The spray can method works fine for most. But on parts with
     small details controlling the volume of paint being applied can be
     tricky. So we decided to let a local model shop paint some parts with
     an airbrush using a water based acrylic. The outcome was impressive so
     now we have purchased an airbrush and small paint booth that should be
     in soon. Any feedback on using water based paints would be
     appreciated. Solvent based with a airbrush are available but we would
     prefer the water.
     Joe Jordan
     Coastal Systems Station USN

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