Re[2]: Stratasys wish list, again

From: ralott@CCGATE.HAC.COM
Date: Tue Sep 16 2008 - 18:20:53 EEST

>>Why would we need to send anything other than .sml files using ssend ?

I don't type too well all the time -- sometimes ".sml" becomes ".ssl" and this
drives the machine nuts!

>>Is the foam used in 8000 different from that on 1600?

As far as I can tell, size is the only difference. I have less of a problem
with the 1650, too.

>>I also would like too add these few lines. How's is that
discussions about FDM are almost absent on this list ? Its only that
occasionally that somebody comes up with a wish list.
It might be just as valid to ask, "Why is there so much discussion about
the SLA's?" Actually, I think if we discarded the off-topic discussions,
advertisements, announcements and industry rumors, there wouldn't be that
much discussion at all, save for the university students doing research.

But here are some possible reasons why FDM's are a slow topic:

1. There are no other companies competing to sell raw materials.

2. There are no apparent patent infringement suits in court.

3. There are very few equipment problems, and most can be fixed with a
phone call to Stratasys.

4. The FDM hasn't piqued the interest of the academics the way SLA's have.
 I guess without lasers and exotic chemicals, the FDM's are just too

Rick Lott
Hughes Space and Communications
Los Angeles CA

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