From: Chris B ClodFelter (chris_b_clodfelter_at_clos-us-eva-po01@smtp.rexam.com)
Date: Tue Sep 16 1997 - 17:06:46 EEST

     I have sent two e-mail messages to Aaroflex regarding the number of
     machines that they have shipped. I have not heard anything other than
     the postings to this list from their president. I was real excited
     about the features of this machine until I heard back in Feb. that the
     first machine had not been shipped and was long overdue. I spoke with
     one of the first people to order a machine and they indicated that a
     problem existed in making consistent parts over the entire build area.
     It is now September. I would assume that the first machine sold has
     been delivered, especially when I keep seeing how great the machine
     The Aaroflex Web page invites people to come see the machine in their
     office. I am more interested in hearing from their customers first.
     Why would I come to look at a machine that can't be delivered?
     If anyone knows the status of the Aaroflex machine, please let me
     know. Are they waiting for 3D Systems to make an offer?
     Chris Clodfelter
     Rexam Closures

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