Fw: New Release - 9-18-97

From: Karl R. Denton (karl@dentonco.com)
Date: Fri Sep 19 1997 - 01:24:50 EEST

To All,

I regret to inform you that Denton and Company, Inc. will be dissolved and
cease operations as of 10-31-97. This will be the last email (until I get a
personal address setup) from Denton and Company, Inc. The closing comes
after several setbacks for the company's multi-media and web hosting
division, coupled with on-going health problems for Karl R. Denton,
President. The company which started as a conduit for information on Rapid
Prototyping announced that it will be selling off it's entire RP library
(which is the most extensive in the world) and the rights to it's RP and M
Resource Guide code and hard copy data. Other products that will be sold
will be the remaining inventory of the RP Demos and Utilities CD and it's
contact mailing list totaling over 4000.

Interested parties should contact Karl Denton at the phone number below. A
complete list of library contents and other information will be available on
Monday, September 22nd 1997.

If this note offends those of you that would see this as an advertisement my

Please note that email will go inactive after this note and the unsubcribe
note gets sent out. So please if you need to contact me please use the
phone or fax number below. You can also use my pager by calling
800-964-6028 (enter the number and then press #).

It has been fun working with all of you and I will be seeing you at one of
the conferences or user group meetings!

Karl R. Denton
Denton and Company, Inc.
4778 Greenview Ct.
Commerce Twp., MI 48382
Phone: 248-366-9246
Fax: 248-366-9247

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