Alpha and SGI version of Magics Rp 4.20 - new release

From: Bart Swaelens (
Date: Tue Sep 23 1997 - 11:43:25 EEST

Hello RP world,

After the successful introduction of Magics RP for windows in April this year, we are glad to announce that Magics RP is now also available on Alpha PC and on Silicon Graphics.

We found out that the Digital Alpha PC are very powerful, if you use native programs. The Alpha PC's can also emulate Intel code, but this is at the speed of a low end pentium.
The native code however, is extremely fast : faster than on a high end workstation.
If you know that the price of an Alpha PC is not much more than for a normal PC, we believe this is an interesting option for all CAD users !
Magics RP 4.20 is available in native code, for windows NT 4.0.

The very easy and intuitive user interface of Magics RP on windows is now also ported to Silicon Graphics with the same look and feel.
Magics RP 4.20 is available for IRIX 6.0 and higher.
The code is a little bit too big to send over the Internet, but if you send us an email, we can provide you with an evaluation version on CD-ROM.


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