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From: Steve_Farentinos (
Date: Wed Sep 24 1997 - 20:31:24 EEST


> Dear Rapid Prototyping Community:
> The AAROFLEX Solid Imager is the 14th generation machine in the
> evolution of the Solid Imager systems over the past 10 years. The
> previous version of the machine can be found in Tokyo (of which 15 or
> more have been sold in the Orient), Delaware, Switzerland and Virginia.
> The machine that we are presently offering is far superior to any of its
> predecessors. Currently, we are seeking solid business partners to
> provide locations for demonstration and production of the fastest, most
> accurate and efficient rapid prototyping system in North America.
> Thank you for your interest in the Solid Imager and the activities of
> AAROFLEX, Inc. I welcome any further questions regarding our business
> activities.
> Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E.

Mr. Young,

I have seen many messages about the accuracy of the aaroflex system. I
would very much like to include a part made on this machine in the accuracy
study mentioned in my previous message to rp-ml.

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