RE: SLA-EPOXY SL5170, parts become softer after a few weeks

From: MICHELLE L PAETZ 328-8537 (
Date: Wed Sep 24 1997 - 20:18:55 EEST

Dear Mr. Wulf,
Not all stereolithography parts made from epoxies pick up water from the air.
The DuPont Somos 6100 Series epoxy photopolymers exhibit reduced sensitivity to
water. The third generation 7100 series epoxy photopolymer parts are more water

Many of our customers are using parts made from the Somos 7100 series resins for
water-based applications and have no problems with the parts softening, even
after they have been left fully submerged in water. The DuPont Somos 7100
Series also has a high heat deflection temperature (>100 C), wide processing
latitude and fast photospeeds.

The Somos(R) 7100 Series, includes Somos 7100 for Argon ion laser systems, Somos
7120 for solid state laser systems and Somos 7110 for HeCd laser systems. I
would be pleased to provide you with further information about these resins.
Contact me directly.

Michelle L. Paetz
Technical Marketing Engineer
DuPont Somos
Two Penn's Way, Suite 401
New Castle, DE 19720
Tel: 302-328-5435
Fax: 302-328-5693

Mr. Wulf wrote:
>We have a problem with parts we build with the SLA 350 with EPOXY SL 5170. The
>parts become softer and softer after a few weeks or a month. They become like
>elastic. 3D-systems sad that it is a problem of the epoxy, the builded parts
>pick up water from the air and because of that they loose the strongness and
>become softer.
>Who has solutions or suggestions to solve this problem or to let the parts be
>stronger for a longer time.

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