Re: Low Durometer RP Materials

From: Kevin Robertson (
Date: Fri Sep 26 1997 - 03:39:43 EEST

At 05:29 PM 9/25/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm looking for an RP service provider to produce a direct soft suction
>cup-like part. I know of the DTM/Somos material, but are there other
>processes (FDM and SL, etc) with smooth surface finish which could be
>used and hold a small weight and a slight vacuum (highly descriptive
>terms, eh?)?

We can do an SLA and urethane or silicone rubber part very rapidly. If the
part configuration is better for machining we can CNC a part then cast it.
This can be done in as little as a few days, so I'll consider it RP though
not direct. Let me know if we can be of assistance.

On a related subject, I would like to make a comment regarding postings of
this nature. This type of assistance has been requested over the rp-ml for
assistance from service providers. I've offered help or have provided vendor
names on several occasions. Not once has anyone replied to the offer or
indicated how they resolved their problem. Out of common courtesy, could
these results be posted as a benefit and educational tool to the users group????

Having gotten that off my chest, enough said and good luck Steve.


Kevin Robertson
ARRK Creative Network

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