does anyone know?

From: Terry T. Wohlers (
Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 02:17:42 EEST

Elaine - Some of these names go waaaay back.

> Hydronetics

Now Helisys.

> Cencit

No longer in business after trying to offer 3D portrait scanning at Sears
retail stores.

> Jean Arline

Maybe Allan Lightman knows.

> Myron Bezdicek

He's still around. Bumped into him at last year's Autofact.

> James Bednar

Anyone know what he's now doing and how to reach him? I still owe him a

> Ron Reitz -- Navy had an interesting technology but seems to have
> disappeared from RP scene.

He had some very interesting ideas, but ... who knows what happened.

> Theresa Bohlander

Maybe Allan Lightman knows. (Jean Arline and Theresa coordinated the
Dayton series of conferences.)

Elaine - Where do you find the time to write these things?

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