Re: Any help appreciated.

From: Bjorn Debear (debear@MIT.EDU)
Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 17:15:53 EEST

Dear Ralph and List,
> 1) Can someone explain the difference between
> 3D PLOTTING from Saunders and
> Ballistic Particle Manufacturing from BPM Technology
> They both sound the same? Am I missing something?

   3D PLOTTING (from Sanders, not Saunders) involves printing a
part encapsulated in support material (which melts away)
using a machine with three axes of motion. Z registration
is accomplished using a horizontal mill.
   Ballistic Particle Manufacturing involves
printing a part supported by a break-away struts using a machine
with five axes of motion (the nozzle has two rotational degrees
of freedon). Z registration is accomplished using an ironing
pin. Parts are made hollow (although the interiors can be
filled with hatching to strengthen the part.

> 2) Does anyone know the status of 3D Printing from (MIT)?

   3DP is alive and well. Licencees of the technology
include Soligen, Z Corp, Therics, Extrude/Hone, Hasbro
and Specific Surfaces. Research on 3DP is continuing
here at a rapid clip, with excellent results. Applications of
the technology range from oral dosage forms to rotors to
injection molding tooling (i.e. end-use parts). Sorry about
the outdated web page.
> 3) I am gathering information on the different Rapid
> Prototyping Processes for a presentation here at Corometrics.
> Any information (good or bad) on ANY of the processes that
> are out there now, or currently being developed would be
> greatly appreciated. I have contacted most of the major
> manufactures of rapid prototyping machines and have them
> sending out infomation, but would like some hands on
> comments.


Good luck!

Bjorn DeBear
3D Printing Consortium

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