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From: AAROFLEX, Inc. (
Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 19:14:39 EEST

Yakov Horenstein:

The simplest, most inexpensive way to calculate quotations is through
the use of any spreadsheet program. You can set up a quotation template
using the following input items: pre-fab preparation, fab time based on
surface area and height, volume of material consumed, post-fab
processing, overhead mark-up and profit mark-up adjusted to market

Should you purchase the AAROFLEX Solid Imager, the world's fastest, most
accurate and efficient stereolithography system, we would be happy to
include our estimate guide at no cost.

For a quick and dirty estimate, the following formula will work:

(C2V+C2H)$=Price C1= Constant 1, Value ratio of material
                        C2= Constant 2, Build time value ratio
                        V = Volume of part
                        H = Height of part
                        $ = Dollars, Market price

C1 and C2 are based on the parameters of your machine.

Try: (1/3V+3H)90=Price

Hope this helps.

Albert C. Young, Jr.

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