3D Printing on New Z402 RP System by Z Corporation.

From: VERN CARTER (vern@ori.net)
Date: Sun Sep 28 1997 - 01:24:10 EEST


Contact: Vern Carter
Creative Technical Solutions
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Indianapolis, IN 46256
317-585-3091 ext. 4518
Creative Technical Solutions (CTS) to exhibit at AUTOFACT 97, November 4-6, 1997. and offer free sample of new 3D Printing technology.

Indianapolis 8/1/97: Creative Technical Solutions will be one of an estimated 300 companies participating in AUTOFACT 97, November 4-6, 1997 at Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan.

Creative Technical Solutions is a technology leader in Industrial Design and Product Development, and one of the first companies to offer 3D Printing services which utilize the Z Corporation, Z402 System. 3D Printing is a process of transforming 3D CAD data into a three dimensional physical object by recreating the CAD data layer by layer on a movable surface of powder. The process works much like printing a document. But in this case powder is bound together using and adhesive to grow the object. The end product is an item you can hold in your hand and use in a number of ways to better visualize 3D CAD data. The process was patented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has been licensed to
Z Corporation for commercialization. CTS is working with Z Corporation and will provide a means for interested parties to evaluate this new technology. Key benefits in using the 3D printing process on the Z402 system are; Speed, Cost, Lack of support structures and the ability to operate in an office environment.

The Z402 system has the fastest build rate of any commercial RP product by a large margin. The build time of a part with dimensions 8"x4"x1.5"" is about 45 minutes.

Low Cost:
Because this technology uses a very simple, user friendly and environmentally safe process, a large investment in equipment and facilities is not required. Also, the inexpensive consumables which are used in printing objects make the machine very affordable.

Complex Geometries:
Because the machine uses powder as the primary build material. The Z402 has the ability to produce complex geometries with out the need for support structures. The unbound powder serves as the supporting media during printing process.

As a special promotion at the AUTOFACT conference, CTS will be presenting vouchers for one free concept model created on the Z402 System. So if cost has been keeping your organization from using Rapid Prototyping, here is your chance to evaluate the benefits of 3D Printing for FREE! This promotion is for the part only and does not include the necessary solid 3D CAD model, part processing or any secondary finishing or clean up operations.

Attend AUTOFACT 97 and see for yourself the advantages of 3D Printing on the Z402 System and discover the many ways Creative Technical Solutions can help you develop world class products. We look forward to meeting you at the show. You will find us at booth number 1436. To see the Z402 system visit the Z Corporation booth. If your needs are urgent feel free to call us before the show.

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