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From: Werdinius Christian Lars (K92089@chestud.chalmers.se)
Date: Mon Sep 29 1997 - 15:46:45 EEST

Hello everybody !

My name is Christian Werdinius and Iīm writing my diplomathesis at Chalmers
University of Technology, in Gothenburg, Sweden. For a while, sombody
wrote, that one should be more careful about the English spelling and
grammar in the mails to this list. I'm very sorry if I use the English
language brutally, and if something is unlclear or even impossible to
understand, please let me know.

At my University, an ongoing project is to find a method to prevent
biofouling on boats, without using toxic colours. It has been shown that
itīs possible to modify the surfacestructure to obtain this. The questian
is: is it possible to produce such a layer, that doesnīt increase the drag
due to friction towards the water. To investigate this, it would be a great
andvantage to be able to produce surfaces, with different structures, in a
fast CAD/CAM -way. Itīs here rapid prototyping could be useful, IF(!!!) it
can archieve enough surfaceaccuracy.

I would like to produce a surface, with (for example) a check pattern. The
dimensions should be as follow:

  | | | |
  | | | | One square:50 micrometer X 50 micrometer (50*10^-6 m)
  | | | | Height ~ 10 micrometer
  | | | |
  | | | |

If itīs possible to find such a machine or method, my institute, Polymer
Technology, is very intresting in a purchase.

In advantage: Thank you for your help !

/Christian Werdinius

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