Re: Laser Life

From: Dan Sammons (
Date: Tue Sep 30 1997 - 18:37:15 EEST

We have just replaced an Omnichrome high power laser for our 250 that
lasted 6800 hours. We do not leave the laser running between builds and
our room is clean with the power coming off APC backup units. The 6800
hours have been the longest life we have seen on our 250 lasers although
each of the lasers in the past have been over 5000 hours.

Our experience with 500 lasers has not quite as consistent. I
personally feel that the 500/40 lasers are individually unique (for a
lack of a better term) and each laser is unpredictable. Room
conditions, power requirements, etc. play a big part in how long they
live (again, my opinion)

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Ingrid Timmel wrote:

> I would like to hear from any SLA500-40 (high powered laser) users on
> what kind
> of laser life we can expect.
> Also Todd Stahlhut said they don't shut their laser off, does anyone
> else do
> that and does it work? It seems to me that it would, because everytime
> you shut
> the laser down it, by starting it you loss power.
> Thanks for any replies.
> --
> Ingrid Timmel

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