Formus Web Site Moved

From: Mats Jansson (
Date: Tue Sep 30 1997 - 19:40:00 EEST

Formus web site has moved. For those of you with links to our site,
please update:



***Formus delivers large scale 3D models and patterns for visual prototyping,
metal castings, plastics fabrication tooling, and design elements in arts,
architecture and entertainment. Formus recieves a CAD file from the
customer, and sends back a 3D shape to specs.
Mats Jansson, Formus
185 Lewis Rd., Suite 31 v: +408-226-1000
San Jose, CA 95111 f: +408-395-3875
http://www.formus.htm direct: +650-368-0850
___________We make BIG stuff directly from CAD!_____________

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